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Violetta o Soy Luna hanno avuto più successo?

Who Was More Successful Violetta Or Soy Luna?

Violetta and Soy Luna are two successful Argentine and Mexican youth series based on the musical comedy genre. Both shows were highly successful in Latin America and Spain, where both series have very loyal fans.

Violetta It was one of the most popular series in Latin America since its premiere in 2012, and was broadcast by Disney Channel Spain from 2013 to 2015. The series attracted millions of fans for its love story between Violetta and the male lead, Leon.

i am the moon It was the second successful show on Disney Channel in Latin America, and was broadcast in Spain from 2016 to 2019. The series focused on Luna, a teenager who moves to Buenos Aires with her family and falls in love with a mysterious boy. The series also features a pop band called “Jam & Roller”, which is formed around Luna and her friends.

Although it is impossible to determine which of the two series was more successful in Spain, Violetta It was one of the most popular Disney Channel series in the country and remains one of the most beloved by fans. On the other hand, i am the moon It was also highly successful, and is fondly remembered by many fans. In the end, both series enjoyed critical success in Spain, although Violetta has been somewhat more successful.

What is more popular Luna or Violetta?

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Currently there are many youth series which have become hits all over the world. are in i am the moon why Violetta, the two most popular in recent years. Both series have become a true phenomenon especially among young people in Spain.

at first sight, i am the moon why Violetta They have a lot in common, like a story of friendship, love and victory. This makes many teenagers feel identified with the characters and plot of the series. Moreover, both the series have very talented actors and catchy songs.

However, there are some notable differences between i am the moon why Violetta, The first focuses on the world of figure skating, while the second focuses on the world of music. This means that each one has its own target audience. Besides, i am the moon It is a more modern and refreshing series than Violetta,

In terms of popularity, both the series have a huge following. Although many experts believe that i am the moon more popular than Violetta, This is because it is more modern and has become one of the most watched programs in Spain.

Finally, both series are very successful among teenagers in Spain. Although many experts believe that i am the moon Currently the most popular series among the youth.

How successful was Soy Luna?

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Rock & Roller

Soy Luna was one of the most successful youth series of the last decade. This Disney Channel telenovela, starring Karol Sevilla, premiered in 2016 and remained on the air until 2018. The series aired in over 100 countries around the world, including spainWhere the public appreciated it a lot.

The series was successful not only on television but also in the music market. The soundtrack of the series was released as an album and became a huge hit. The album was certified two platinum discs. spain to sell over 200,000 copies.

Soy Luna was also very successful in the entertainment industry. The series spawned various spin-offs such as a film, a musical comedy and a world tour known as “Soy Luna Live”. this visit was very successful In spain and performed in several cities.

In short, Soy Luna was a huge success in every way. The series was a great success in television, music and entertainment. This popular series was one of the most successful series on Disney Channel and marked a milestone in the history of Spanish television.

How many people have seen soy luna?

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Luna Sevilla

Soy Luna is an Argentine youth television series produced by Disney Channel Latin America. The production has become one of the most popular shows among youth around the world, and is currently running its second season. The plot revolves around Luna, a 16-year-old girl who moves from Mexico to Buenos Aires, where she begins a new life.

Soy Luna’s popularity has spread all over the world, reaching more and more people. It has become one of the most watched shows on Disney Channel millions of people Latin America, Europe, the United States, Canada and many other countries. this series is achieved a wide audience Attracting a wide variety of audiences, including young audiences of all ages.

Besides television viewers, there are other media where you can enjoy Soy Luna episodes. Contributed by streaming platform Disney+ Increase viewership of series, allowing users to enjoy episodes anytime, anywhere. The number of people watching the program through this platform cannot be counted.

it’s hard to decide how many people have actually seen soy luna, but it is estimated that the program has reached a significant number of people worldwide. The series has been hugely successful and has become one of the most watched television shows in recent years.

How many people saw purple?

VIDEO: Soy Luna Cast Then and Now 2023 (Soy Luna Before and After 2023)
Avant et Après

Violeta, a 2019 Spanish film, was a hit among the audience. A romantic comedy starring two famous Spanish actors directed by a Spanish film director, it had a huge following since its theatrical release. The film is a mix of drama, comedy and romance, which won the Best Film award at the San Sebastián Film Festival and became one of the highest-grossing films in Spain.

According to box office figuresMore than 2.5 million people saw Violetta in Spanish cinema. This means that the film was seen by 16% of Spain’s population. The film was successful on all levels and managed to collect more than 25 million euros at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Spain.

The film was also received enthusiastically by critics, who praised its light comedy and passionate romance. Critics praised the performances of the actors, the director’s direction and the soundtrack. Violeta received several awards, including the award for Best Film at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film was also nominated for the Goya Awards, one of the highest honors in Spanish cinema.

in conclusion, violet was a resounding success among the public and critics, attracted over 2.5 million viewers and grossed over 25 million euros at the box office. The film also won several awards and received several nominations, thereby gaining recognition from the Spanish film industry.


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